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Veteran and VFW Post 2573 Supported Events

IGY6 sticker cropped.jpg

; I G Y 6

 ; = The semi colon means to pause and reach out for help, and is teal, the color for PTSD awareness

 IGY = I Got Your as part of IGY6 which means I got your back. It is black for the heavy hearts we carry

 6 = back, as in I got your back to protect it, and is in red for the blood that has been shed


The crossover the 22 is a sign to end the 22 a day suicide rate we are experiencing.

The 22/day veteran suicide rate is well known in the veteran community. While people may disagree on the exact number, what we can all agree on is that the suicides need to stop among veterans and active duty military who are also effected by striking suicide numbers. This relates not only those who served or are serving but also their family members, friends and our whole Cape Fear community. 

VFW Post 2573 has created a program where we offer FREE stickers for your car, truck, business, store front or window so that you can let the military members both past and present, and their family members, know that you or your business care about and are involved in stopping veteran and active duty suicides. We offer free information and will meet with you, your organization or business associates so that we can dispell the myths about suicide and you can learn how to engage with lowering the number until we end the 22. Help us help those who fought for our freedom to come home and live. Contact our Veteran Service Officer, Mary Skov at 910-264-6936 for more information or to set up a meeting.  



If someone needs immediate help or is actively suicidal please call 911

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 988

Veterans Peer Support Line 877 Vet2Vet

Stop Soldier Suicide 844-317-1136

Roger for help 833-697-6437

Veterans Crisis Line 988 press 1

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